Gas boiler-gas boiler safety operation instructions

Gas boiler-gas boiler safety operation instructions
First:the gas boiler room inspection system
1. In order to ensure the normal operation of the boiler and its accessories, and to find problems in a timely manner, the classmates of the class should perform at least one patrol inspection every half hour.
2. Check whether the gas boiler burner, pressure gauge, thermometer, circulation pump, make-up water pump, softened water, safety accessories, primary instrument and secondary instrument are in normal operation.
3. Check all kinds of indicator signals for abnormal changes.
4. Check whether the water level of the gas boiler water tank, the feed water pump, the circulating pump bearing and the motor and the lubrication part of the pump are normal.
5. Check the position of the valve of the gas steam boiler valve and the pressure of the water supply.
6. The inspection will find the problem in time and record the inspection result in the operation record of the boiler and accessory equipment.

Second:natural gas boiler equipment maintenance system
1. When the values ​​of the two pressure gauges on the gas boiler are different, repair them in time to ensure that the actual pressure of the boiler operation is reflected.
2. When the gas boiler pressure gauge is damaged and the dial is unclear, replace it in time.
3. Turn the mechanical lubricating oil circuit to keep it clear, and keep the oil level at a certain level.
4. The valves that run, run, drip, and leak can be repaired and replaced in time.
5. Check whether the maintenance feed water pump, circulation pump and water pump valve are flexible, and whether the single flow door is closed tightly.
6. Check if the secondary instrument of the natural gas boiler is normal.
7. Remove dust from equipment and accessories.
8. Whether the gas boiler check safety valve is closed after the manual water discharge test. Automatically release water and release steam at least once a week.
9. Flush at least once a week when the pressure gauge is operating normally. The trap is repaired once a month. 10, over-temperature, over-pressure alarm, overpressure interlocking device at least once a month and maintenance.
Gas boiler pressure gauges, water gauges and safety valves are the three safety accessories on gas steam boilers, so pay special attention.


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