The working principle of the gas boiler

The working principle of the gas boiler
: the fuel burns, heats the water in the boiler, and turns into hot water or steam. The process of working a gas boiler is a process in which fuel chemical energy is converted into heat. Gas boilers are characterized by energy saving, environmental protection and safety, and help industrial production.

First, the operating system of the gas boiler is mainly divided into the flue gas system and the water system:

1. Smoke system: fuel combustion – furnace – two return pipe – three return pipe – energy saver – condenser – flue;
2, water system: boiler raw water – softened water tank – boiler – steam or water into the steam or heating pipeline;

Second, auxiliary equipment

Gas boiler auxiliary equipment mainly includes control cabinet, burner, water pump, chimney, water treatment, sub-cylinder, energy saver, condenser, softened water tank, furnace water sampler and so on.

1. Control cabinet: The control system is the operating core of the boiler. The boiler operation data monitored by each instrument must be summarized into the control system. After the control system compares and analyzes the data, a new control command is made to control the operating pressure and water level of the boiler. The temperature is controlled within a safe range.
2. Burner: The burner and the corrugated furnace constitute the combustion equipment of the boiler. The burner mixes the natural gas and the air in a reasonable proportion and thoroughly burns it to heat the water in the boiler.
3. Water treatment equipment: remove calcium and magnesium cations from boiler raw water, reduce water hardness, avoid boiler scaling and extend boiler service life;
4, energy saver and condenser: boiler energy-saving equipment, increase the inlet water temperature, reduce the exhaust gas temperature.

Gas boilers are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries. They are widely used. To ensure that boilers operate under optimal conditions, it is necessary to ensure that the selection is reasonable.


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